The Thousand ThronesEdit

The Thousand Thrones is an adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, a system that is somewhat popular amongst roleplayers, among them Lindsay, who may be responsible for convincing Hal to play it. Known for its dark setting and brutal combat system, one would think this would not be a system quite suited to the Texans. Despite this, their second foray into Warhmmer is regarded by many as some of the site's best work. While it's currently on hold (the unofficial reason being the general downtroddenness of the system was getting to one of the players), it's been stated that they have not canned the game, and there's some hope of it returning again in the future.

The PartyEdit

Referred to in the opening narration as "The Dirty Half Dozen", the party is made up of the following:

The Long-Suffering GM: Hal

Girl #2, Halfling Servant: Lindsay

Durak Ironhead, Dwarven Tomb Robber: Chris

Leopold Aeon Calcos, Human Charcoal Burner: David

Ulrich Steignwult. Human Tollkeeper: James

Conrad Steignwult, Human Thug: Ned

Oskar Hearthember, Halfling Hunter: Goggles

Session GuideEdit

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