In early 2008, Hal decided to try something new with his players. Deciding that what they really needed was one of the most versatile systems in existence, he brought out his Rolemaster books, hoping to lead them through the legendary Grand Campaign. This, of course, was wishful thinking on his part. From the very first session on, the group engaged in almost Warlords-level amounts of plot avoidance and general wackiness, and before long the Grand Campaign was gone. What emerged was a long, twisted tale that includes spaceships, sadistic pedophiles, mutation of party members, and as much craziness as is generally possible to fit in a game.

The PartyEdit

The Eternally Patient GM: Hal

Ailish Kirilin, Vorloi Magician: Lindsay

Tanz Ixati-Centari, Elven Healer: Ned

Magar Earthfury, Talath Bashkar: David

Mezkhar Faslurin, Zorian Fighter: Chris

Malik Al-Arain, Duanaki Nightblade: Goggles

The SessionsEdit

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