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The RPGMP3 Wiki is a worryingly encyclopedic website devoted to, including information about the various groups, games, and topic of interest on the site. This wiki is, like every other wiki you've ever read, open to the public, so feel free to add to our collective store of knowledge. And don't feel too bad about obsessing this much over a bunch of people playing games: remember, you're not alone.

What is RPGMP3?Edit is a website, run by the Great and Illustrious Hal, wherein various groups post actual-play recordings of their tabletop roleplaying games. While it originally started as simply an audio review of The World's Largest Dungeon, it has since evolved to encompass many different groups and games, from the mainstream to the almost unknown. But don't just listen to us say it's interesting; go on over to RPGMP3 and take a look for yourself.

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