Labor of LoveEdit

After many years of being jolly British citizens, Hal and Lindsay decided that a change of scenery was in order and left behind the Old World for the New. Settling in Texas, the pair quickly gathered a new force of gamers, ready to stand up and provide free entertainment for the poor and downtrodden of the world. Their first major project, ironically, was based on their first. A fan had written an adventure based around a dwarven wizard, inspired by Balazar the Beardless Dwarf from The World's Largest Dungeon, and Hal was itching to run it. The only difficulty? The new group wasn't properly leveled. So, to counter this, he wrote a prologue, called "Labor of Love".

In "Labor of Love", our brave party is hired to deliver young Sharia Thornmyer to her fiancé. However, her guardian, the bard Xanatos, decides to visit an ancient temple. Therein, if the legends are true, lies a sacred pool, which will bless her union. However, when they reach the temple, they find that it’s been taken over by an army of orcs, who serve a mysteriously alluring goblin. Can they defeat this evil and retake the temple? Will their mission be a success? Or will they all perish to javelins to the back, fighters with ridiculous weapons, and overeating goblins? Listen and learn, friends.

The GroupEdit

The Much-Beleaguered DM: Hal

Bardock Ironhead, Dwarven Cleric of Moradin: Chris

Milo Thorngague, Halfling Rogue: David

Dru Caledad, Gold Elf Wizard: Dru

Rjagüjar Hjellstjürm, Dwarven Bard: Glen

Murival Nodello, Elven Wizard: Goggles

Grogan Surefoot, Dwarven Fighter: Ned

Royce Gracie, Human Fighter: Zach

Wilamina Treeback, Halfling Rogue (with Dog Woofie): Lindsay

Session GuideEdit

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